Years of collaboration with Homefashion Group leads to NPS increase of 11 points.

The challenge

Homefashion Group

Homefashion Group is the parent company of Kwantum and Leen Bakker. With 272 physical stores, 4 online platforms and 4,200 employees, Homefashion Group is always close to its customers. By offering a comprehensive range of high quality products and services at an affordable price, Homefashion Group wants everyone to enjoy a comfortable and stylish home.

Homefashion Group wants insight into customer satisfaction by brand and at the group level. What do customers think about their purchase, service – online or in-store – and assembly or delivery services? This means conducting a customer satisfaction survey of thousands of customers per week.

Stakeholders should be able to access feedback in an organized way per brand and for the entire group. In addition, it should be possible to compare results of different products, stores, services and labels. Which store, product category or service performs better? What can the company learn from this for other brands and services?

The solution

CYS Group has set up three software portals for Homefashion Group. The Kwantum and Leen Bakker labels have a separate research platform. From this platform, customer satisfaction surveys are set up, results collected, reports created and dashboards displayed.

Compare results

CYS created a data infrastructure to transfer data and survey results from thousands of Kwantum and Leen Bakker customer satisfaction surveys to a single umbrella platform. Stakeholders, including the board and management, can view group-wide results and compare labels, products and services here. Among other things, it is possible to compare product categories, delivery options, service – online and in the physical store – and floor laying or installation service.

Years of cooperation

Since the first project, cooperation between Homefashion Group and CYS has intensified considerably. Regular consultations on ongoing projects take place, in which we act as a “Customer Experience Manager at a distance,” so to speak. We advise on research methods, research questions and reporting options and help think about new initiatives and pilots.

Continuous development

Together, we developed a research method to measure Cash&Carry purchases in-store, where customer details are not known. The results of Kwantum and Leen Bakker are compared and the results are shared in the organization.

In order to create added value, studies are continually being developed. Based on the survey results, we also added the variable “delivery service” to the employee satisfaction survey. By which delivery service was the product delivered to your home? Is there a corre