Quoratio Group keeps seconded employees involved with periodic MTO

The challenge

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Quoratio Group wants seconded professionals, despite being physically elsewhere work, stay connected to the organization and use their feedback to improve the improve organisation.

The organization wants to use employee satisfaction surveys collect feedback and experiences. The questions must be relevant to all eight businesses units and results must be available at organizational and business unit level become.

The solution

Quoratio Group can conduct periodic employee satisfaction surveys by contacting us research platform to set up questionnaires, analyze results and create dashboards target different stakeholders. In this way the Business Unit Managers get insight into the performance of the business unit and they can set up targeted actions to improve the services and internal organization.

We have started with an extensive preliminary phase to get a clear picture of what Quoratio Group is wants to know from its employees and how this can best be asked. Together with the HR department and Business Unit Managers we have 4 main themes and different ones formulated sub-themes on which all employees in every organizational layer can provide feedback to give. The main themes are happiness at work & recognition, work content, managerial and Quoratio Group. Each theme has one or more subcategories.

Subsequently, we developed a methodology to analyze the collected feedback. Consisting of an overall employee satisfaction score, average score per theme and average per sub-theme. The scores are organization-wide and per business unit calculated.
In the research platform, we set up questionnaires and the first employee satisfaction survey. This research is used as a baseline measurement on the basis of which targeted actions and points for improvement can be set out.

Anonymized research
To display the results, we have set up dashboards at organizational level and per business unit. At the moment only the HR department and Business Unit have Managers access to the research results. Quoratio Group has chosen to include all anonymize data so that employees feel free to provide honest feedback to give. Data is grouped by business unit only for insight points for improvement per business unit.