Repay HRM improves customer service daily with the help of CYS

The challenge

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Repay HRM has been providing HRM services for entrepreneurs since 2005. Repay HRM has now expanded its services considerably and is now a proud top-5 player in the Netherlands. In addition to payroll services, Repay offers HRM temporary employment, payroll administration and self-employed contract management.

Many people in the Netherlands are therefore dependent on Repay HRM for their work and/or salary. The company is only too aware that this is a great responsibility and therefore attaches great importance to the quality of customer service. Every day hundreds of questions are received from Repay HRM customers and every question is equally important. 

Repay HRM’s customer service department uses Freshdesk to handle tickets. Although Freshdesk has an option to send a customer satisfaction inquiry, Repay HRM experiences a number of disadvantages of this solution that make it difficult to convert the information obtained into concrete improvement plans:

  • The question options are very limited in Fresh. Repay HRM wanted to know more about its customers than just a grade, but Freshdesk doesn’t offer the option to add questions. There was too little information available to learn from.
  • The link to the satisfaction question in Freshdesk is included in the last closing email sent by an employee to the customer. He hardly stands out, if at all, so the response rate to the question is extremely low. There were simply too few responses.

The solution offered in Freshdesk did not lead to the desired results for Repay HRM.

The solution

Because Repay HRM attaches importance to the quality of customer service and wants to improve this customer-driven, it was decided to use the CYS software for the satisfaction survey.

Simple data link

Every day, Repay HRM handles customer queries with tickets in Freshdesk. When the issue is resolved, the ticket is closed in Freshdesk and this is the trigger to send an investigation invitation to the customer.

Each evening, Freshdesk automatically creates a data file containing all customers for whom a ticket has been closed that day. This data file is placed on the SFTP server and then automatically read into CYS.

Automatic transmission

The CYS software then checks whether customers are not double in the file and whether there are no people who have recently received an invitation. These are automatically put on the ‘blacklist’. For all other customers, the invitation is placed in the ‘scheduler’. This automatically takes care of sending invitations the next morning. 

Real-time results

Respondents’ answers are stored in the CYS database and are immediately visible in the Repay HRM reporting environment. In addition, the answers are also ‘sent back’ to Freshdesk, where agents can see the results of individual customers they have helped themselves.


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