How ZLM Insurance immediately anticipates customer feedback

The challenge

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ZLM Verzekeringen mainly serves private individuals and (agricultural) companies in Zeeland and Brabant. ZLM is regularly rated the best in consumer surveys and considers personal service to be extremely important. From the head office in Goes, more than 200 employees work closely with their customers, either directly or through intermediaries.

ZLM wants to receive continuous feedback on important touchpoints in the customer journey, but not to overload its customers with many and long surveys. In addition, stakeholders must have access to the feedback in a clear manner and feedback that requires action must be followed up immediately.

The solution

ZLM can continuously collect feedback by setting up personalized questionnaires in our research platform, combining data and setting up multiple dashboards for employees, managers and the management team. We started by importing data and linking data sources into one database. Customer data is automatically anonymized in accordance with GDPR legislation.

We then built short, personalized surveys that are sent to customers based on touchpoint in the customer journey. Customers can of course unsubscribe from these emails and ZLM can view and manage the unsubscribe list. To display the results, we have set up dashboards for employees, managers and the management team. We have also introduced criteria on the basis of which automated e-mails are sent, so that feedback can be followed up immediately.

The result

ZLM Verzekeringen continuously collects feedback with personalized questionnaires, dashboards and trigger e-mails with which it can optimize its services in every phase of the customer journey. Stakeholders have real-time insight into the feedback through personalized dashboards based on their role in the organization. If a customer’s feedback meets the set criteria, representatives receive an instant email. In this way, ZLM can immediately follow up on the feedback and optimize its services throughout the customer journey.

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