RGF Staffing creates streamlined KTO and MTO with CYS

The challenge

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RGF Staffing has been a progressive HR partner for entrepreneurs since 1972 and is more than an employment agency. The nine labels in the Netherlands link the right employees to the challenges of entrepreneurs. At RGF Staffing they believe that everyone should be happy with their work.

RGF Staffing had a number of challenges related to the contact details of executives and measuring customer and employee satisfaction. They wanted to collect experiences from temporary and permanent staff and collect customer feedback for all labels. Including reports per label, overall reports and the ability to quickly anticipate incidents.

A challenge is that they do not always have the most recent contact details of the executives of temporary workers in their central CRM system. However, local consultants do have this information.

The solution

First of all, we set up a process to collect the missing contact details. When a performance review is scheduled, a trigger is activated in the CRM system. A consultant enters the relevant information about the employee via a web form and adds the contact details of the manager. This information is added to the CYS database.

An invitation is then sent to the manager to supplement the data with results from the assessment tool. The completed survey, including the supervisor’s contact details, is sent back to RGF Staffing to update their CRM.

In addition, RGF Staffing uses CYS for:

  • employee satisfaction surveys among permanent and temporary employees to assess their working environment and the performance of RGF Staffing:
  • and customer satisfaction surveys about the recruitment process, the consultants and the quality of the recruited employees.

All information can be found in online dashboards specified per stakeholder. The data is anonymized as much as possible, so that only relevant information is displayed and no personal information is shared.

The result

The smart use of triggers and dashboards has created one place where current data is visible and it is possible to quickly anticipate data that does not meet the predefined criteria.

Alerts and triggers are sent by email based on predefined criteria. For example, if a temporary worker indicates that the work does not match his/her skills, a trigger mail is sent to the consultant to contact the relevant employee.

Invitations, questionnaires and dashboards are available for each label in their own house style. All nine labels have their own employee and customer surveys with associated dashboards for the management team and the responsible advisors. A general dashboard is also available that combines the results of all labels.

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