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For more than 15 years CYS has been helping companies to improve their customers’ experience and business results. We have set ourselves the audacious goal of developing the best software in the world for collecting, combining and visualizing insights from customers, employees and business data.



Automatically collect feedback from customers and employees. Easily create audits, checklists and more... Available on any device. 

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Integrate multiple data sources in one solution and combine and manage data in any way you want. All managed data can be used in Research and Visualization.

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Create stunning looking insights with customized dashboards and cutting-edge infographics with real time data and available on any device.

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Trusted all over the world

Companies of every size and industry use CYS for their Research. Data. and Visualization. needs. 

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CYS. Research. For combining all relevant data and feedback from your customers, employees, and business.


Customer Feedback

Understand your customers by collecting their feedback at every meaningful touch point. Activate your organization by distributing the feedback in real-time, accessible on any device. Collecting customer feedback has never been easier. 

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Employee Feedback

Discover if your employees are engaged and energized by their work and if your company has an experience driven culture. Use the feedback of your employees in day to day and strategic decisions. 

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Audits, Forms & Checklists

Improve audit efficiency and effectiveness by digitizing audits and checklists. Automatically create follow up tasks and alerts when audit items deviate from the norm and drive improvement. 

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