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One solution to transform the hidden potential of every customer and employee experience into concrete actions. Integrate your Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), and Business Experience (BX) into an Experience Management Research platform.
  • Customer Experience (CX) Research
  • Employee Experience (EX) Research
  • Organisatie Experience (OX) Audits and Checklists

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Our CX management software is developed as an Experience Management Research platform

Customer Experience (CX) Research

Our Customer Experience (CX) research immediately uncovers the strengths and areas for improvement at each touchpoint. With our driver analysis based on three questions, we offer respondents a brief survey and provide all departments with actionable insights. Engage colleagues by automatically sharing insights, for example through dashboards and push reports for each department.

Employee Experience (EX) Research

An approach distinct from traditional research. Through concise, periodic surveys, we pinpoint exactly where in the journey and organization employees are happy and why. Additionally, a simple top-three drivers analysis, enriched with real stories, provides insight into what drains and what energizes employees. This helps prevent burnouts and increases job satisfaction.

CX.management software for research agencies

Our software is built as a SaaS solution. If you're a market researcher, consultant, or work at a research or consultancy firm, you can use our CX.management software as a white-label service to cater to your clients. We provide technical support if needed and ensure a suitable onboarding program.
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Full service or SAAS

Service to fit your needs

At CYS, we understand that every organization is unique with varying needs. That's why we offer flexible services that align seamlessly with your requirements. With our 20 years of experience in CX and EX, CYS Group is your full-service partner. Additionally, under the CX.management brand, we provide "software only" contracts to research agencies or departments.
  • Service level tailored to your needs
  • CYS Group as a full-service partner for organizations
  • CX.management software for researchers and agencies
CX.management software

Our toolbox for XM research

Our software consists of modules and features. See the overview on the right or dive directly into a module of our software.
Experience Management Research Software

Experience Management Research Software

An all-in-one research platform for measuring and improving experiences. Take a look at the overview of the platform.
  • Supports the entire research process
  • Cross XM analyses & dashboards
  • Automation as strength
See the XM software overview
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Survey Platform

Build professional surveys and checklists with ease. Reach your respondents effortlessly through multichannel, responsive surveys.
Read more about surveys
Alerts, Notifications & Triggers

Alerts Notifications and Triggers

Our 'Alerts, Notifications & Triggers' are indispensable for real-time operational follow-up and responsiveness.
More about alerts, triggers and notifications

Real time dashboards

Discover the power of flexibility with our tailor-made dashboards that adapt to your specific needs and processes.
Read more on dashboards
Role Based Push Reports

Automated reports in PowerPoint and PDF

PowerPoint and PDF reports, fully automated and tailored to each manager and employee.
Read more on Role Based Push Reports


The use of organizational, customer, and employee data is inevitable and important. Our Datagarden is a unique feature.
More about our datagarden
Experience Management Research

Your research live in 6 steps

When you opt for our service, we provide you with various support services that our experts, who have years of experience, will perform with you. Together, we determine the scope in advance so you have control over the costs and can handle matters yourself if desired.
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Challenge Phase

During the Challenge phase, we brainstorm together to devise the ideal solution for achieving the desired outcomes of your research. You provide CYS with the necessary documents such as your brand style guide, data files, and previous research, and CYS gets to work with these inputs.
Hoe implementeer je de Voice of the Customer in jouw organisatie?

Agile Build

We hold a weekly update meeting and work together in an agile manner towards delivery. Based on the Challenge phase, we develop a draft of the components and deliver them to you in phases. This ensures that we stay closely involved in the construction process and the setup is maximally tailored to your needs.
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Pilot & Test

The Pilot & Test Phase is a collaborative effort. Both the CYS team and your team will test the solution. Together, we test procedures, functionality, and surveys, and implement improvements where necessary. After testing, you will give approval for the setup.
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Go Live

Great! We will commence with data collection to ensure your research progresses smoothly. We'll check everything and set initial insights live so you can track them.
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Dashboards & Reports

The design of the dashboards and reports is already in place, but now we're completing the build. We deliver the dashboards and reports and schedule the iteration rounds. In these rounds, we ensure to collect feedback from your organization (the users).
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Adoption & Change

We assist your organization in working based on feedback. Once sufficient data is available, we begin with the adoption program. Here, your organization learns to make optimal use of our methodology, reports, and insights. Together, we determine the intensity of this program, aiming to initiate change.
Homefashion Group can easily conduct thousands of customer satisfaction surveys per week. Stakeholders have real-time insight into feedback at both the label and organizational level through clear, user-friendly dashboards. As a result, Homefashion Group identifies opportunities to optimize its products and services even more quickly.
With results: over the past three years, the NPS has increased by 11 points.
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