Automatic open answer analysis

Gain direct insight into the core of what your customers really think and want.

Surveys with endless possibilities

Including various question types and advanced logic and complex data processing.

Dashboards & Fully Automated Reporting

Provide real-time insight and fully automated. Analyze quickly.
In-depth product, market, and XM knowledge

Let our experience work for you!

Together, we aim for nothing less than the best experiences ever. We have the drive to truly assist you and ensure that you get the most out of our platform.

Analysis of results

CYS can perform various additional analyses to help your organization maximize the benefits of experience management. Think of periodic analyses, the impact of loyalty on revenue, predictive analyses based on improvement initiatives, and more

Getting started with your (management) team

Attention, focus, and a deep understanding of the results help management make the right decisions. We can guide your management team by providing presentations, conducting inspirational sessions, and organizing deep dives into the results

Data-driven improvements

CYS has developed a model to make your organization data-driven. How do you actually turn actionable insights into concrete organizational improvements? And how do you measure the success of this? How do I teach my team and employees to learn from customers every day? How do I ensure that decisions are not made based on incorrect interpretation?
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One Way of Working

Data-driven work based on actionable insights

We first align the framework with management and the client. We determine the right "Way of working" that suits your organization. Teams are formed in consultation. We ensure that you can gradually take over the tasks of our consultants step by step and that data-driven work is integrated into your organization.
  • We first establish an organization-wide framework.
  • Through the program below, we ensure that all teams are involved.
One Way of Working

Training on the job

After the framework has been determined in consultation with the project team and management, each team is assisted in several steps. Together, we determine what our role is and what your own role is.
Medewerker Tevredenheid Onderzoek (MTO) 2


Enthusiastically inspiring the team is central in this phase. We want to introduce the team not only to the concepts of NPS and data-driven work but also emphasize the importance of customer experience (CX). An activity in this phase could be an interactive presentation or workshop on customer experience (CX) conducted by our CYS CX Consultants.
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Interpretation at the Operational Level.

The goal of this phase is to train teams in understanding and applying reports and insights at an operational level. We want teams to be able to independently interpret data and take action based on it. An activity in this phase could be an in-depth workshop where teams are trained in the use of the CYS methodology and reading reports.
Adoptie & Consultancy 4

Coaching Phase at the Operational Level.

During this phase, we provide support to teams for any questions or uncertainties about the reports, the CYS methodology, and the insights obtained. We want to ensure that teams are fully familiar with the information and can effectively apply it in their daily work. Over a period of 3 months, we organize a webinar or online meeting every two weeks. This means that there will be a total of 6 sessions. During these sessions, teams can bring up specific points or questions they encounter in their work.
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Analyses on Tactical Level

In this phase, we focus on deepening the knowledge of managers and teams. We want to teach them how to obtain broader insights from the measurements using more extensive data. The ultimate goal is to translate these insights into concrete improvements and improvement projects within the organization. The activity is an intensive workshop in which participants learn to dive deeper into the data, identify priorities, and turn them into concrete action points and improvement projects.
Implementatie 2

Coaching Phase at the Tactical Level

During this phase, we provide support to teams for any questions or uncertainties about the initiated improvement actions and analyses. We want to ensure that teams can effectively implement the improvement projects and measure and interpret the results. Over a period of 3 months, we organize a webinar or online meeting every two weeks. During these sessions, teams can bring up specific points or questions they encounter while implementing improvement actions.
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End Evaluation and Celebrating Successes!

This phase is about reflection and appreciation. We want to celebrate the achievements and positive changes within the team and the organization, while also looking at lessons for the future. An inspiring workshop or session where we reflect on the highlights of the journey, the successes achieved, and the lessons learned. It's a moment of appreciation, reflection, and looking ahead.
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