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Employee Satisfaction Research (ESR)

How effective is your current ESR?

Employee Satisfaction Research, which we believe has been approached in the same manner for years. We believe it can be improved and approach it in an innovative way, fitting with the current times. We provide practical insights that allow you to achieve immediate results. This contributes to lower absenteeism, happier employees, and a significant positive boost for your organization.
  • Smart, short, personalized research
  • The story of your employee is central.
  • Focused on work happiness, energy balance, and recommendations
  • Concrete priorities that lead to results
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Quick and effective research

Six simple steps

Are you ready to gain deeper insights into your employees and elevate their job satisfaction? We're here to guide you at every step of this journey. Together, we'll unlock the full potential of every interaction within your organization.
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An effective employee satisfaction survey starts with asking the right questions. What motivates your employees? How can we improve their work environment? Together, we refine the research questions and establish a solid foundation for the survey. This forms the basis of our collaboration.
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The success of your research lies in the details. Together, we take the time to align everything: from selecting the right target groups within your organization, establishing clear rules for participants, to fine-tuning the questionnaire and invitation strategy. Your survey receives our full attention.
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Building your research

Our state-of-the-art software brings your research questions to life in a dynamic, fully automated system. Customized to your unique needs, so it perfectly aligns with what you want to know about your employees.
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Data collection becomes simple and straightforward. Our system automatically starts gathering essential feedback, enabling you to respond promptly and flexibly to the needs of your employees. Want to repeat the survey? Now you can do so effortlessly, cost-effectively, and independently.
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Dashboard & Reports

Information is only powerful when it's accessible and understandable to everyone. For every department, team, and manager, we design customized dashboards and detailed reports that provide insights into the well-being and satisfaction of employees. This enables everyone in the organization to make data-driven decisions.
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Adoption & On boarding

Our relationship doesn't end with the launch of your survey. Whether it's training sessions to empower your team, in-depth consultancy on employee satisfaction, or analyses that shed light on the next steps for your organization, our team of experts is ready to assist. We provide the insights and tools you need to excel.
Unique approach that always works

Proven methodology

Your research will be fully tailored to the unique culture and needs of your organization.

Employee - Net Promotor Score (eNPS)

We ask our employees: "How likely are you to recommend us as an employer?" This is particularly relevant for commercial companies and fits well with various points of interaction. It's especially useful in times when attracting personnel or reducing turnover is crucial, providing invaluable insights.

Energy Pulse Score

We inquire about: "To what extent has your job recently drained your energy or provided energy?" By asking this question, we keep track of the work-life balance of our team members, with a focus on the work aspect. This is a vital indicator, especially if high absenteeism is a significant concern for the organization.

Work happiness

We ask our employees: "Do you feel happy at work, considering the recent period?" This approach emphasizes overall well-being and happiness at work, identifying the factors that contribute to a positive work environment.

Employee Satisfaction

We ask the question: "What is your satisfaction level with us as your employer?" This more traditional method of measuring employee satisfaction often involves using various statements to gain a comprehensive overview and provide insights that help improve the work environment.
Together with the HR department and Business Unit Managers, we have formulated 4 main themes and several sub-themes on which all employees at every organizational level are allowed to provide feedback. The main themes are happiness at work & recognition, job content, leadership, and Quoratio Group. Each theme has one or more subcategories.
Quoratio Group keeps seconded employees engaged
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Are you ready to gain deeper insights into your employees and elevate their job satisfaction to new heights? We're here to guide you every step of the way. Together, we'll unlock the full potential of every interaction within your organization.
  • Customized to your organisation
  • Actionable insights
  • Continous measurements, cost effective

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