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Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in human contact, interaction, and customization, especially when it comes to learning. Want to know more? Please get in touch.

Online knowledge sharing

Interactive sessions with a small audience, we tackle a topic and invite a few contacts. This is for both customers and potential customers.

Inspirational events

We regularly organize knowledge events. Sometimes in collaboration with partners, other times with a client, and sometimes just by ourselves.

Productupdates & Roadmap

Our webinars and product updates often cover releases or topics we're working on. Currently, we are working hard to integrate ChatGPT and other AI applications into our software. These updates ensure you stay informed.

Training - Foundation

This training aims to clarify the interconnection between components such as the data garden, the surveys, the reports, the dashboards, and the (mobile) app. It also explains the administrative functions necessary to support ongoing research and your own organization.

Training - Administrator

This training consists of various modules, and you have the option to choose only a few of these modules to follow. Modules are related to functionalities such as project management, dashboards, data garden, etc.


Need help how to implement a XM strategy? How to make your organisation more datadriven? How your team can improve based on feedback?
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