Extensive Routing and Scripting Capabilities

Create intelligent paths that adapt based on respondent answers

Individualized Surveys for Every Respondent

This leads to more relevant questions and higher response rates

Multi-Channel Survey Distribution

Reach your audience wherever they are with our multi-channel approach
Survey Platform

Our most important functions at a glance:

With our tool, you can easily create professional surveys, questionnaires, and checklists to get answers to your research question.

Our survey builder

Make research easy with the survey builder. You can choose from a wide range of predefined question types. Simple ones, but also more complex ones like KPI questions, forms, scores, and checklists. Think of KPI questions like NPS, CES, and cSAT, scale questions, open-ended questions, matrix questions, single response, multiple response, image questions, video recordings, and photo questions.

Responsive, Branded or white label

All pages are already designed for you. These designs are fully responsive and customizable to your own branding. You can also deploy the survey completely in white label. Finally, branding elements can dynamically respond to the data you provide, which is useful when you have multiple brands as a company.
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Multichannel datacollection

Customers, employees, consumers. Approach them through various channels. Even if you don't have contact information! We offer numerous options to reach respondents both offline and online for participation in your surveys. Think of email, SMS, web portal, websites, QR codes, letters, and open and closed links.
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Respondent Business Rules

The platform manages all participation criteria, such as participation frequency, priority rules, blacklists, and exclusion lists. All of this is automatically tracked at the individual level with blacklists and temporary exclusion lists.
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Dynamic Rule Engine for scripting


Release & Version management

Our survey platform is ready for...

Applications of our platform

Our survey platform is flexible and is used for a variety of purposes.

Customer and employee journeys

Our platform can combine various data sources and data collection methods in a survey. This enables us to measure all steps in the customer and employee journey, leading to improvements across the entire journey.

Trackers and ongoing surveys

Our survey platform has extensive functionality that makes managing ongoing trackers, feedback surveys, and research monitors easy. You can manage surveys without interrupting the research.

What about your survey?

Want to know if your survey fits into our platform? Feel free to contact us completely without obligation! If you share your survey, we'll build it for you in a demo, completely free of charge.
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Full service or SAAS

Service level that suits your business

At CYS, we understand that every organization is unique and has different needs. That's why we offer flexible services that perfectly align with your requirements. With our 20 years of experience in CX and EX, CYS Group is your full-service partner. Additionally, under the CX.management banner, we offer "software-only" contracts to research agencies or departments.
  • Service that suits you
  • CYS Group as a full-service XM partner for companies
  • SAAS Software for research agencies
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Get in touch with us. We're ready to answer your questions and we're here to help. When in doubt, just reach out - we love a challenge!
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CX.management software

Other features of our software

Experience Management Research Software

Experience Management Research Software

An all-in-one research platform for measuring and improving experiences. Take a look at the overview of the platform.
  • Supports the entire research process
  • Cross XM analyses & dashboards
  • Automation as strength
See the XM software overview
Alerts, Notifications & Triggers

Alerts Notifications and Triggers

Our 'Alerts, Notifications & Triggers' are indispensable for real-time operational follow-up and responsiveness.
More about alerts, triggers and notifications


The use of organizational, customer, and employee data is inevitable and important. Our Datagarden is a unique feature.
More about our datagarden

Real time dashboards

Discover the power of flexibility with our tailor-made dashboards that adapt to your specific needs and processes.
Read more on dashboards
Role Based Push Reports

Automated reports in PowerPoint and PDF

PowerPoint and PDF reports, fully automated and tailored to each manager and employee.
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