Completely GDPR proof

Through smart settings we ensure perfect compliance.

Automatic open answer analysis

Gain direct insight into the core of what your customers really think and want.

Push reporting and alerts in PDF/PPTx

Automatic reports for all stakeholders, every week, month or quarter.
Full Service

Our full-service offering

Companies and organizations focused on Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), and Business Experience (BX) utilize CYS Group services. We take care of everything and ensure that your entire XM program is supported.

Priority support

When problems arise, you want to be helped quickly and efficiently. That's why we always offer standard support. If desired, this service can be extended so we can serve you even better.

XM specialists

Our XM specialists are ready to assist you at every step: from refining your research question and analyzing the results to delivering actionable insights.

Change Request & Managed Services

We are happy to carry out Change Requests upon request and each SLA has managed service hours that can be used. In addition to the SLA we can work on a project to project base as well.

Research & Analyses

The remote research department. CYS can perform a multitude of additional research tasks to assist your organization. Consider periodic analyses, management team presentations, deep dives, A/B testing, and other supportive research activities.


How do I start working with data-driven methods? How do you actually convert actionable insights into concrete organizational improvements? How do I teach my team and other colleagues to learn from feedback every day?

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Contact us to discuss our full-service offering. Even if you only wish for partial support, that's possible too. Always tailored, fitting your needs.
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Together with BAM, AM, and Homestudios, we are constantly seeking ways to optimize research, data configuration, and reporting. This ensures that every customer experience counts. Our Customer Success Managers make sure everything aligns as closely as possible with business processes and desires.
Sustainable partnership
Service Level 3

Do it yourself

Especially for researchers at research agencies or research departments, we offer support in using our software. After the Proof of Concept phase, you choose the SLA that suits you. Build your business on our software!

Priority support

You benefit from priority support, ensuring you receive quick and efficient assistance with any issues or questions that may arise.

Customer Succes

You have a personal guide to help you get the most out of our SaaS solution and ensure your success. If necessary, we'll escalate internally to our specialists.

Online trainings

You gain access to comprehensive online training, enabling you to use our tools with confidence and expertise. We also explain new functionalities through webinars and training sessions.


You can communicate directly with our product or technical team, providing you with in-depth insights and answers to specific questions. We also take you into the details of our roadmap and are keen to hear about market trends.

Sales support

You receive support with quotes, RFPs, and tenders. In addition to functional requirements, we provide detailed information on data security, ISO, and GDPR/AVG, ensuring that you stay up-to-date and compliant.

Want to learn more about serving your customers through CYS software?

Want to know more about the options for fully managing our software yourself? Are you a researcher or do you work at a research agency or an XM research department?
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In CYS's research platform, SpringX can easily configure its own research model without the need to invest in custom software. Flexibility is the foundation of the research platform, allowing SpringX to use both its own model and proven CYS methodologies.
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More than 100 active research projects.

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