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Employee Experience (EX) Research

How effective is your current Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Employee research, an approach that has been conducted in the same manner for years. We are convinced that it can be improved and therefore adopt an innovative strategy that aligns with the current zeitgeist. We provide practical insights that allow you to achieve immediate results. This not only promotes lower absenteeism and happier employees but also delivers a significant positive boost to your organization.
  • Smart, short, personalized surveys
  • Fully integrated into your Employee Journey
  • Concrete priorities that lead to results
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Employee Experience (EX) Research

The key benefits of the CYS approach summarized

Seamless integration with your employee journey

We seamlessly integrate our measurements throughout your employee's entire journey. By utilizing journey data and other relevant information, we ensure that employees receive short, personalized, and targeted questions that are truly relevant.

Driver analysis & priorities with just 3 questions

In just three questions, we unveil the heart of the employee experience within your organization. Our approach is effective: a scoring question, an open-ended response, and a question about the underlying cause. Through our thorough analysis of the open-ended responses, we provide every manager, department, and the management with a crystal-clear top 3 of focus areas, enriched with authentic employee stories. After these initial questions, we can delve deeper into specific and individual experiences.

Real stories bring the results to life

Authenticity is key: open, honest, and human. We support all our data, drivers, and insights with authentic stories from real people. It is precisely these stories that give meaning to the numbers and provide practical guidance for improvement. Whether it's about immediate operational enhancements or periodic decisions at tactical and strategic levels.

Depth & analysis for HR and management

With the integration of background data, we provide HR departments with a powerful tool to easily conduct analyses. Whether you want to zoom in on organizational aspects such as department and role, or demographic details such as age, gender, and region, it's all at your fingertips. Moreover, you can effortlessly benchmark the results over time and compare them within the employee journey.

Unique push reporting alongside real-time dashboards

Customized reporting and dashboards, seamlessly tailored to everyone's preferences. Depending on the audience, we select the optimal platform to present the findings. Whether you have a preference for mobile app dashboards, advanced web dashboards, or streamlined PowerPoint and PDF reports, you've come to the right place with us. Our push reporting is a game-changer: it provides managers and employees with personalized priorities, insights, and action steps directly – whether this is on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.
unique approach

Proven methods

Our unique 3-question methodology with driver analysis on open-ended responses works with all KPIs and methods. The approach guarantees deep insights and effective strategies for improvement.

Employee - Net Promotor Score (eNPS)

We ask employees: "To what extent would you recommend our company?" This is particularly relevant for commercial organizations and is suitable for various touchpoints. Especially when recruitment or staff turnover poses a challenge, this method offers valuable insights.

Energy Pulse Score

Here, we want to know: "To what extent has your work in the past period cost you energy or yielded energy?" This score monitors employees' work-life balance, with an emphasis on the 'work' aspect. It is an essential tool when absenteeism is a critical point of attention in the organization.

Work happiness

We want to know from employees: "How happy are you with your work, considering the past period?" This method zooms in on the well-being and happiness of employees and identifies drivers that contribute to a happy work environment.

Employee Satisfaction Score

Here, we ask employees: "How satisfied are you with us as an employer?" This more traditional approach to employee satisfaction is often combined with various statements to obtain a complete picture.
With CYS, Quoratio Group has the right tools at hand to set up surveys per business unit, turn results into concrete actions, and thus keep its employees engaged and optimize the organization.
Engaged employees
Fully customizable

Building your research and organization together

At CYS, we understand that every organization is unique and has different needs. That's why we offer flexible services that perfectly align with your preferences. With our 20 years of experience in CX and EX, CYS Group is your full-service partner. We can handle all types of questions, and we tailor all your needs and customization.
  • Unique approach
  • Co-creation of your feedback monitor
  • 20 years of experience
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