Automatic real-time calculations

Gain immediate insight and overview. Always up-to-date, always accurate

Extensive permission settings

Everyone has access to relevant insights, safe and customized

Fully customizable

Seamlessly aligns with the desires and knowledge levels of users
Tailored to the target audience.

Fully customizable.

Dashboards focused on Customer Experience.

Dive deep into the world of customer feedback with our advanced Customer Experience Dashboards. They provide a detailed, visual overview of customer satisfaction and interactions, so you know exactly where you excel and where improvement is possible. With real-time data and intuitive designs, these dashboards are your key to understanding and enhancing the customer journey.

Dashboards focused on Employee Experience.

Our Employee Experience Dashboard provides a clear picture of how your team feels and performs. It gathers and visualizes feedback and engagement in real-time, enabling you to take action to improve the working environment. This leads to a more motivated and productive team, essential for the success of your business.

Automatic priority matrices for every KPI.

With our automatic priority matrices, you gain immediate insight into the most influential and impactful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Each KPI is carefully analyzed and displayed in a four-quadrant matrix, assisting in identifying focus areas for improvement. This simplifies the prioritization process for you and your team, enabling efficient use of time.
Drilldown open answers

Directly click through to open-ended responses and stories.

Our feature that allows direct clicking through to open-ended responses and personal stories brings the voices of your customers and employees to the forefront. These direct insights go beyond numbers and percentages; they tell the real stories behind the data. This offers a powerful way to foster empathy and understanding, inspiring targeted actions.
6-Score Board

Foster a positive and competitive touch

Our series of competitive widgets is designed to create a positive and stimulating work environment. They encourage team members to compare their performances, learn from each other, and inspire one another towards improvement. This healthy competition fosters a dynamic where successes are celebrated, and everyone stays motivated to continue developing.
A wide range of convenient features

Customize everything to your liking

In our software, we offer fully customizable and personal dashboards. This ensures that each user receives the specific information they need. Depending on the level of knowledge, we can make more features available. Additionally, we can restrict access to underlying data based on role and function.

Cross Analytics

Combine multiple studies into one analysis for a clear overview. This allows you to easily understand complex data and identify relationships between different datasets, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Priority Matrix

Quickly discover where your focus is most needed with our priority matrix. This helps you to effectively allocate resources to the areas that have the greatest impact on customer and employee satisfaction.

Clickable Open Responses

Gain direct access to detailed feedback by clicking on open-ended responses. This simplifies the process of obtaining deeper insights and identifying specific action items.


Refine your data with filters to focus on what's truly important. This way, you can more easily identify specific trends or patterns relevant to your strategic goals.


Make comparisons over time or between different segments to gain valuable insights into performance improvements or declines, essential for continuous improvement.

iOS and Android App

Stay informed, wherever you are, with our mobile app for iOS and Android. This ensures that you and your team always have access to important insights, no matter your location.

Scoreboards and Rankings

View performance at a glance with scoreboards and rankings. Motivate your teams by making successes visible and encourage healthy competition within your organization.

User permissions

Manage access and permissions with customized user profiles. This ensures security and allows you to share information appropriately, tailored to the role of each user.
Adoptie & Consultancy
No worries

We can advise you and take care of your needs

If desired, we can manage the entire process for you: from defining the target groups and designing the setup and structure of the dashboards, to guiding all users and handling the onboarding. This way, you can enjoy a seamless implementation and optimal user experience without any worries.
Building insight together

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