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Seamless integration ensures an efficient data flow

Transform and Improve Data

Increase the quality of your data and create insightful analyses

No IT Department Needed

We make data management accessible to everyone, no technical expertise required

No lengthy and heavy project for your IT department!

IT departments are often under pressure and time is scarce. Requests related to data management, especially related to Customer Experience, can therefore be overlooked. But that's where CYS comes in. As the only one in the CX software world, we have developed a complete 'datagarden'. This makes combining, managing, and editing data a breeze. Simply give us a raw export from any source, without any frills, and we'll take care of the rest!
  • Very limited investment from your own IT department
  • Plenty of options for data transfer
  • Easy-to-use data rules and editing. Real-time and automated.
Data is the basis

Here are our key features summarized:

With our software, you can easily manage all the data required for research and analysis. This provides more insight, pure analyses, all without the involvement of your own IT department.
API Management

Restful web API

The CYS API utilizes Representational State Transfer (REST) technology. This allows you to perform actions in a 'RESTful' manner, such as querying, modifying, adding, or deleting data within your CYS portal. More information can be found on our API page.
Koppel bronnen

Connect various data sources to our platform

Exchanging data is straightforward, regardless of the source. Whether it involves information from a CRM, HR system, SAP, or ERP, we facilitate the process. Even data from a central data warehouse or directly supplied by SaaS software providers is no issue. Thanks to our automated import procedures and advanced rules and logic, we guarantee solid and reliable data processing. The best part? You can import all data seamlessly without any changes, modifications, or omissions.
Combineer bronnenn drag en drop

Combine data sources using drag-and-drop functionality

Within the CYS DataGarden, you can effortlessly link various data sources in one project, whether it's for EX or CX. By merging these sources, you create uniformity and ensure an ideal data structure, ready for in-depth analysis and clear reporting
Business Rules

Configure automations for data enrichment and data editing.

Thanks to our dynamic rule engine, you can easily configure rules that ensure thorough checking and optimization of data from all sources. This allows you to standardize, for example, the spelling of names, convert a date into ages, or add groups such as personas to your dataset. Records that do not meet specific criteria? You can easily exclude them. Some of our standard actions include 'Create value', 'Change value', 'Send mail', 'Change record status', 'Vlookup', 'Do not import', and 'Initiate report'.
Stel regels in en blijf compliant

Set business rules and ensure compliance

With our solution, you can easily maintain control over respondent management. This includes setting a maximum number of participations, using blacklists, and other useful tools to streamline respondent management. Additionally, our GDPR modules ensure strict compliance with privacy legislation, including features for anonymization and setting retention periods. All of this is fully automated and can be tailored to your specific internal guidelines.
Adoptie & Consultancy 1
Data is the bases for all our researches

No stress! We'll take care of everything for you.

To improve based on continuous feedback, having accurate, correct, and up-to-date data is crucial. This is often underestimated. Especially with continuous research (trackers, journey research, continuous feedback), this can be a challenge because data is scattered across different systems within the organization. The IT, BI, and data departments are often already overloaded, and their first priority lies with financial data. CYS ensures that making data suitable for CX and EX research and analysis can be done flexibly, in real-time, and without an IT specialist. Ultimately, the right insights, reports, and real-time visibility! With the CYS DataGarden, you have:
  • Limited efforts from your IT department
  • A clear and simpel proces
  • Up to date insigts for all
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