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Customer Satisfaction Research (CSR)

How effective is your current CSR?

The approach to Customer Satisfaction Research, which in our view has been handled the same way for years, no longer works. We believe it can be done better and approach it in an innovative way, suitable for the current times. We provide practical insights that allow you to achieve immediate results. This contributes to higher customer loyalty, more satisfied customers, and a significant positive boost for your organization. We do this with short, personalized surveys, and that's great for your customer.
  • Smart, short, personalized surveys
  • Storytelling in reports
  • Targeted questions in a dynamic survey
  • Concrete priorities that lead to results
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Fast and effective research

Customer Satisfaction Survey in 6 Steps

Ready to elevate the dialogue with your customers to the next level? We are here to guide you every step of the way. Let's unlock the hidden potential of every customer experience together.
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Every successful research begins with the right questions. What are the deeper needs of your customers? Which experiences do they truly wish to have? Together, we refine your research questions and set up a robust research design. This is the foundation we build upon.
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The devil is in the details. Careful alignment is crucial for the success of your research. We go through every step together: from selecting the right target group, establishing clear rules for respondents, to perfecting the questionnaire and the invitation strategy. Your project receives our full attention.
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With our advanced software, we transform your research question into a dynamic, fully automated system. Custom-made, so it seamlessly matches your specific wishes and needs. This is where technology and insight meet.
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Data Collection

Collecting data becomes surprisingly easy. Our system starts automatically and continuously gathers valuable feedback. This enables you to dynamically and flexibly respond to customer feedback. Repeat studies? You can now effortlessly conduct them yourself, with minimal costs and maximum efficiency.
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Dashboards and Reporting

We believe that information is most powerful when it is accessible and understandable to everyone within your organization. Therefore, we design personalized dashboards and detailed reports that provide immediate insight into performance, trends, and areas for improvement. This allows everyone, from the shop floor to management, to make data-driven decisions.
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Support and Consultancy

Our support doesn’t stop at the launch of your research. Whether you need training to elevate your team, in-depth consultancy on CX and data-driven strategies, or analysis that clarifies the next step in your growth, our team of experts is ready for you. We offer the tools and insights you need to excel.
Stakeholders, including the executive team and management, can view the results for the entire group here and compare labels, products, and services. It is possible, among other things, to compare product categories, delivery options, service – both online and in-store – as well as flooring installation or assembly services.
Years of collaboration lead to an 11-point increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score)
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Every experience counts

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Are you ready to engage in a deeper dialogue with your customers and elevate their experiences to a higher level? We are eager to guide you at every step of this journey. Together, we unlock the full potential of every interaction with your customers.
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