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Flexibility in Collaboration

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Cross Analytics & Data First

Our 'Data First' approach ensures you get the most out of your data
360-degree view

1 XM platform for all your research and quality measurements

Combine various research studies and data sources to uncover the story behind hard numbers in employee research and customer research. Make results clear and understandable for all organizational levels and translate results into concrete action points to improve daily service.
  • Employee Experience (EX)
  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Quality measurements such as ISO, Hygiene, and Checklists
Four main features

The foundation of our XM platform

Our 'Data First' approach ensures you always have access to valuable insights across various sources, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.


Connect various data sources to our platform, utilizing file import, off-the-shelf integrations, or our API. Easily combine sources with drag and drop so your IT department doesn't have to do it themselves. To ensure high-quality data, you can directly transform data during the import process, or with automated processes at pre-set times.


With the survey builder, you can easily create professional surveys, forms, and checklists. You can choose from a wide range of predefined question types. All pages have been designed for you. These designs are fully responsive and customizable to your own branding. Language and translation settings can also be configured. Reach customers, employees, consumers through various channels, even without contact information!


Create real-time and customizable dashboards for every audience. Generate infographics and role-based push reports in PDF and PPTx, keeping everything clear for everyone. Dashboards are optimized for the iOS and Android app or for the online portal. Our platform instantly calculates everything for you and converts data directly into actionable insights.

Experience App (Web, IOS en Android)

Our experience app ensures that all colleagues, employees, and managers gain access to the relevant surveys and results. Results and insights need to be shared. Fully role-based and easily managed through publish and share functions. In the case of conducting audits, all schedules and checklists will also be available in the app.
Our unique features

What sets us apart is our integrated approach to experience management

Our ability to effortlessly connect various data sources, automate data processing without the need for IT intervention, and provide real-time, actionable insights through customizable dashboards and reports makes our solution exceptionally powerful. Our survey builder's flexibility, combined with role-based access in our experience app, ensures that all organizational levels can engage with relevant data and insights effectively.

Driver analysis of open-ended responses

With our unique method, you only need to ask three questions to precisely understand how to improve the customer or employee experience. Through automatic driver analyses, every colleague knows what is going well and what can be improved.
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Drill-downs to real stories

How do you go from a 7 to an 8? Why are customers or employees less enthusiastic at certain touchpoints? Real stories tell so much more than numbers. Assist your organization with the insights behind the figures.
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Automated PowerPoint or PDF reports via email

Share relevant reports with all your colleagues or clients. For instance, send a customized report for their own department, location, or customer group to 100 managers every week or month. Fully automated, without needing to log in.
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Cross-XM analytics

Our calculation engine automates the combination of various surveys into one widget, dashboard, and PowerPoint reports. This way, your colleagues or clients receive only one report with a 360-degree view of all surveys and analyses from CYS.
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Data management as a core competency

To continuously deliver actionable insights, maintaining good data quality is essential. CYS is the only XM platform that offers a DataGarden where you can connect sources with drag-and-drop, easily automate complex scripts with our Dynamic Rule Engine for improvements in your source data.
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Deep dive

Make smart use of our features and elevate your experience management to the next level to ensure that every experience matters.
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Survey Platform

Build professional surveys and checklists with ease. Reach your respondents effortlessly through multichannel, responsive surveys.
  • A large number of predefined pages
  • Fully responsive and customizable with your branding
  • Multichannel data collection
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Alerts, Notifications & Triggers

Alerts Notifications and Triggers

Our 'Alerts, Notifications & Triggers' are indispensable for real-time operational follow-up and responsiveness.
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The use of organizational, customer, and employee data is inevitable and important. Our Datagarden is a unique feature.
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Real time dashboards

Discover the power of flexibility with our tailor-made dashboards that adapt to your specific needs and processes.
  • Focussed on actionable insights
  • Fully customizable
  • Endless filters and compares
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Role Based Push Reports

Automated reports in PowerPoint and PDF

PowerPoint and PDF reports, fully automated and tailored to each manager and employee.
  • Automated reports in PDF and PowerPoint
  • Periodically sent or on demand
  • Personalized report for each manager with filtered data
  • Sent by email
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Survey Platform 3
20 years of experience

All our knowledge and experience

CYS has been around for 20 years. For two decades, we've been engaged in research, customer experience, employee experience, and conducting audits, checks, and other quality measurements. In 2016, we began (re)developing our platform, with 12 years of research and software development at the start of the process.
  • 20 years of experience in Experience Management
  • Full-service with CYS Group
  • Software for Experience Management
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