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Automated reports in PowerPoint and PDF

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Research shows that many employees experience application fatigue and spend a lot of time gathering and processing insights. Through our reports, we provide a constant, stable information provision that is simply sent to the mailbox. Only the insights that are needed, ready to use.
  • Save time & money
  • Uniforme and stable reporting
  • Fully personalized for each recipient
Our Customer Success Managers ensure that everything aligns as closely as possible with the business processes and requirements. This has led, among other things, to a pilot project with automated PowerPoint Reports based on our new feature Role Based Push Reporting. Previously, the three companies created quarterly reports for the management based on data from CYS. By automating this process, a lot of time is saved.
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How do customers utilize this feature?

Our automated PowerPoint and PDF reports are utilized in numerous ways.

Departmental report

This report focuses on the specific performance, challenges, and opportunities of a particular department within the organization. With the Role Based Push Reports module, you automatically create customized reports for each department, providing each department with immediate insight into the data relevant to them.

Management report

Intended for senior management, this report provides an overview of the overall performance of the organization. Thanks to the module, these reports are generated quickly and efficiently, providing management with consistent and clear insights.

Journey report

This report highlights the entire customer or employee journey, starting from the first point of contact. With the automated features of the module, specific touchpoints within this journey can be easily analyzed, resulting in a detailed and cohesive overview.

Key account report

Focused on the needs and performance of key accounts, this reporting ensures that you can generate specific, automated reports for each key account, so every accountmanager always has up-to-date insights.

Weekly update

An essential input for weekly team meetings, this report provides a summary of the key events and performance of the past week. With the Role Based Push Reports module, you always have an up-to-date overview at hand, ready for discussion.

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With our feature, we can fully automate your reporting process. This means not only time savings but also consistency, accuracy, and the ability to focus on what truly matters: interpreting the results and making strategic decisions. Let us automate your reports and discover how simple and efficient reporting can be.
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