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With over 100 implementations under our belt, we are well-equipped to handle the risks associated with an implementation project. Together, we ensure that:
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6 steps for a complete implementation

The value of your Experience Management Software solution lies in its usage, and that's why we always go through the following steps with you. Of course, no implementation is the same, and we fully tailor the content to your use case.


In the Challenge phase, we brainstorm together to come up with the ideal solution to achieve the desired results of your research. You provide CYS with the necessary documents, such as your branding, data files, and previous research, and CYS starts working on these questions.
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Agile Build

We have a weekly update meeting, and we collaborate in an agile manner towards delivery. Based on the Challenge phase, we develop a setup of the components, and we deliver them in phases so that we work closely together throughout the construction process, ensuring that the setup aligns with your requirements to the maximum extent.
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Pilot and Test

The Pilot & Test phase is a collaborative effort where both the CYS team and your team test the solution. We test procedures, functionality, and surveys together and make improvements as needed. After testing, you provide approval for the setup.
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Go live

Great! We're going to start data collection and ensure that your research runs smoothly. We'll review everything and publish initial insights so that you can track them.
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Dashboard & Reports

The development of the dashboards and reports is already in progress, but now we'll complete them. We'll deliver the dashboards and reports and schedule iteration rounds. During these rounds, we'll make sure to gather feedback from your organization (the users).
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Adoption & On boarding

We assist your organization in working based on feedback. Once there is enough data available, we start the adoption program. In this program, your organization will learn how to make the most of our methodology, reports, and insights. We'll work together to determine the level of intensity for this program, with the goal of driving meaningful change.
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Ready for a smooth transition to CYS? With our unique migration service, we make it easy for you. We ensure a seamless data migration so that you don't lose valuable data. Additionally, we assist with potential double costs. Switch now and experience the benefits of a worry-free transition and cost-efficiency. Leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on what really matters: delivering an excellent experience.
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