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Customer Experience (CX) Research

How effective is your current CX research?

How effective is your current Customer Experience (CX) Research? We believe in an ongoing approach that aligns with the dynamics of today's market. We provide insights that cover the entire customer journey, allowing you to identify and address improvement areas immediately. This contributes to increased customer loyalty, a better customer experience, and a significant positive impact on your organization. With short questionnaires, clear insights, and accessible reports. Good for your employees and your customers.
  • Continual, adaptive research for every phase of the customer journey
  • The story of your customer takes center stage
  • Focused on improving the overall customer experience
  • Concrete action points that lead to measurable results.
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advantages of CYS

The key benefits of the CYS approach summarized

Driver analysis & priorities with just 3 questions

With just three questions, we unlock the core of your organization's customer experience. Our unique methodology is simple: a score question, an open-ended question, and a root cause question. Thanks to our in-depth analysis of the open-ended responses, we provide every manager, department, and process with a crystal-clear top 3 list of priorities. All supported by real customer stories. After these core questions, we have the option to delve deeper, allowing us to explore specific and personal experiences.
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Seamless integration into your customer journey with a multichannel approach.

We seamlessly integrate our measurements into your entire customer journey. Customers receive relevant and targeted questions, exactly where and when you want them: via email, SMS, in apps, on websites, and even in web environments. No digital touchpoints? No problem. We also utilize QR codes and NFC chips for a smooth experience.
9 tips to use customer feedback successfully

We take immediate actions in response to complaints and compliments.

We immediately identify opportunities and risks during the questioning process. Low scores? We address them immediately and resolve complaints. Enthusiastic customers? We immediately offer them the opportunity to leave a glowing review on an online review platform of your choice.

In addition to dashboards, we provide automated push reports

Reports and dashboards, perfectly tailored to every need. Depending on the target audience, we choose the ideal platform to share results. Whether you prefer mobile app dashboards, web dashboards with advanced analytics features, or sleek PowerPoint and PDF reports, we have it covered. Our push reports are a real game-changer: managers and employees receive priorities, insights, and action points directly and personalized - weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
Our unique approach always works

Our methods are based on proven principles

The unique 3-question methodology with a driver analysis on open-ended responses is a powerful approach that can be applied to various key performance indicators (KPIs) and methods. This methodology ensures deep insights and effective improvement strategies.

Net Promoter Score

"To what extent would you recommend our company?" This question is commonly used to measure customer loyalty and overall satisfaction, and it is especially popular among commercial organizations. It provides a straightforward way to measure and track customer loyalty over time. Additionally, it can be used in various touchpoints, making it versatile for assessing customer satisfaction across the customer journey.

Customer Effort Score

The central question here is: "How much effort did you personally have to put in to get your issue resolved?" This score is often used in service desks and order processes. It provides a unique perspective as it measures the user-friendliness of a service or product. A high CES indicates that customers experienced less effort, which often leads to higher satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Score

In this method, we ask: "How satisfied are you with the service?" This method is particularly suitable for non-commercial organizations or organizations where there is no free choice. With CSAT, we measure customers' immediate satisfaction with a specific service, product, or experience.

ZLM Insurance continuously collects feedback through personalized surveys, dashboards, and trigger emails, allowing them to optimize their services at every stage of the customer journey. Stakeholders have real-time insight into the feedback through personalized dashboards based on their role in the organization.
ZLM anticipates customer feedback
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CX Research Types

Various Methods for Customer Experience Research

Explore the different approaches to Customer Experience research and the unique insights they offer to understand and enhance customer satisfaction.

Touchpoint measurements

Measure satisfaction at specific interaction points between the customer and your business, such as purchases, customer service conversations, or website visits. These measurements emphasize crucial moments in the customer journey and provide direct feedback on individual experiences.
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Customer journey measurements

Follow the customer's entire journey through all interactions and touchpoints to understand how they experience your product or service from start to finish. Analyzing the entire customer journey identifies pain points and opportunities for improvement at a strategic level.
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Transactional measurements

Measure satisfaction immediately after a specific transaction or interaction to gather direct feedback on a specific experience. These measurements provide immediate insight into customer satisfaction at critical moments and enable you to take immediate action on negative feedback.
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Relational research

Examine the overall relationship between the customer and your business to understand long-term satisfaction and loyalty. By measuring the overall perception of your brand and building relationships, you can develop strategies to strengthen customer loyalty.
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Business to Business research

Measure the experiences and satisfaction of business customers to better understand how to meet their needs and strengthen relationships. By specifically focusing on the unique challenges and requirements of business customers, you can develop strategies to increase their satisfaction and build long-term relationships.
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Business to Consumer research

Investigate the experiences and satisfaction of consumers to understand their expectations and needs. By understanding what motivates consumers and how they experience your products or services, you can develop targeted marketing strategies and increase their satisfaction.
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Service evaluation

Measure the satisfaction and performance of your services to identify any pain points and make improvements. By specifically focusing on the quality and effectiveness of your services, you can develop strategies to increase customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency.

Product evaluation

Measure the satisfaction and performance of your products to understand their functionality, quality, and usability. By specifically focusing on user experiences with your products, you can develop product development strategies to improve product quality and meet customer needs.
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No lengthy and heavy project for your IT department!

IT departments are often under pressure, and time is scarce. Requests related to data management, especially related to Customer Experience, can get lost in the shuffle. But that's where CYS comes in. As the only one in the CX software world, we have developed a complete 'datagarden.' This makes combining, managing, and editing data a breeze. Just give us a raw export from any source, without any embellishments, and we'll take care of the rest!
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