Proven methodologies

Proven methodologies for reliable research

Start your research quickly and easily by using pre-programmed methodologies, such as customer satisfaction survey, NPS, Root Cause Analysis, eNPS, Energy Pulse and standard audits and checklists. The platform is super flexible, allowing you to use your own research methods as well.

Three Questions Root Cause Analysis

With our unique method, you only need to ask three questions to find out exactly how you can improve customer or employee satisfaction. A priority matrix automatically generates priorities based on 64 categories, for all organizational levels. The open answers help to understand the emotions of respondents.

A selection of the methods


The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most commonly used methods to measure customer loyalty. No long questionnaires, but one concrete question: ‘would you recommend us?’ CYS continues where NPS ends. With our research platform you can easily share results with the organization and use the results as a starting point to optimize daily services.


With CYS you safeguard the entire audit process by means of clear schedules, automatic task lists and clear reports. Audits can be fully digitized and even performed via a mobile app.

Employee Energy Pulse

The Employee Energy Pulse is a method to measure and improve employee engagement. How energetic do employees feel? Do they get energy from the organization and their work or does the work cost energy?

eXperience Culture Scan

The eXperience Culture Scan simply examines how employees experience the company culture and maps out how it can be improved.

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