Our 6 core functionalities
Feature – Always informed with alerts, notifications & follow-ups

Always informed with alerts, notifications & follow-ups

Get automatic notifications of important new information, such as abnormal values, and share the information directly with the appropriate person.


Get relevant updates in your mail or via SMS

Want to take immediate action? We ensure that relevant insights are automatically sent to the right person in the organization. Via e-mail or SMS.


feedback & follow-ups

Plot actions directly in the form of tasks

When people give their feedback, they expect something to be done about it. The Closed-Loop Feedback feature allows you to create a task and automatically assign it to the right person for follow-up.

  • Flexible (DRE)

  • Managed on all devices

  • Mobile first

trigger report

A report within minutes

When a respondent completes a questionnaire, we can send a report in PDF or PPTx by email or SMS within minutes. Useful whe