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Bring Customer Experience to life

With CYS you can take the step from measuring to improving customer experience by automating all your CX processes with one solution. Get insight into all data, customer, and employee processes and turn it into the right insights. Give your organization the resources to make easy and continuous improvements. This way, you make an impact in every layer of your organization and therefore structurally improve the ultimate experience of your customers and employees.

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Automated and continuous research

Make the right decisions based on automated and continuous insight into all CX data.


Focus on customer stories

Find out exactly what motivates customers with insights behind the emotions and figures.


Activate the organization

Give everyone access to insights that are relevant to them at any given time.


Total solution

Combine Voice of Customer, Voice of Employee, and Voice of Business in one solution.

Features that make our customers happy


3-Question methodology

With our innovative questioning process, you can find out a customer’s satisfaction and the reason behind it with only 3 questions.


Root Cause Analysis method

CYS asks the customer to categorize a given answer, including degree of importance. This way, you know exactly what to do to improve the customer experience.


Real time infographics

Use CYS to create visually attractive and manageable insights for management and employees with clear dashboards and easy-to-understand Infographics.


Improve employee engagement

Employees have the greatest impact on your customer experience. Improve employee engagement with our innovative employee feedback programs.

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