Customer Experience Management

With CYS you can take the step from measuring to improving customer experience by automating all your CX processes with one software solution. Get insight into all data, customer, and employee feedback. Automatically translate feedback to the different layers in your organization, such as per store, per department, per location or per employee and give managers and employees access to the right information at the right time. This way, you make an impact in every layer of your organization and therefore structurally improve the customer experience.

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Get insights continuously and real-time

CYS continuously gives you the right insights into customer loyalty and employee engagement, so the company can make the right decisions.


Activate the entire organization

With CYS, you activate the organization with reports that are always up to date and automatically sent to the right stakeholders.  


Understand what motivates customers

Our solution is aimed at ensuring that employees really understand what customers mean by focusing on customer's stories in stead of the score.


Combine VoC en VoE in one solution

Obtain all results and data in one overview, by combining the Voice of Customer and Voice of Employee in one software solution. 

Features that make you happy

Smart features to listen to your customers and employees and deliver actionable information to both management and employees.

Thanks to CYS’s unique Root Cause Analysis you only have to ask three questions to know exactly how to improve CX. The priority matrix automatically generates priorities on 64 categories, for all organization levels. And the open answers help employees to understand the emotion of the customer.

Whether you want to measure NPS, CES, or customer satisfaction, all of these questions, as well as other commonly used KPI’s and question types, are ready to use. No programming is necessary, and CYS will calculate and report the scores automatically.

Customer Research, Customer Feedback Monitoring, and other tracking studies based around your customers run continuously. To avoid mistakes, decrease manual work and optimize continuous insights CYS is the absolute precursor in automation of your Customer Feedback processes.

Thanks to our automatic data imports, API, and connectors your customer data will continuously flow into our system. Our data management environment is build to manage and optimize your customer data without any manual work. Place smart actions via easy-to-use rules based on logical conditions on the data. Examples of these actions are improving data fields, merging data, selecting records, sending alerts, and managing the status of respondents.

In our questionnaire editor, CYS has implemented a release and version management procedure. This way you can change your questionnaire without the hassle of migrating your existing data. Your respondents are automatically redirected to the new survey, and reports are updated automatically.

Select the channel (e-mail, mobile app, QR code, link) that best suits your target audience or the touchpoint, or combine different channels. All the data will be stored in one database.

When customers give their feedback, they expect something to be done with it. The Closed-Loop Feedback feature enables you to create a task, and assign it to the right responsible person for follow-up automatically.


Completely customize your own dashboards. Give them the look and feel you want, add your corporate identity elements, and create different tabs for different reporting purposes.

Choose from more than 100 predefined widgets, graphs, and visuals to create dashboards, all ready for use. Select the ones that match your reporting needs.

Automatically create tasks and assign them to those responsible for follow up, or send trigger mails, all based on pre-set conditions. You can monitor the progress of all tasks and follow-ups in dashboards.




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