As an organization, how do you find out when a customer is truly enthusiastic, satisfied or loyal? There are several methods for measuring this. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a popular KPI to measure customer satisfaction. In this blog you will read what exactly the KPI means, how to calculate it and use it in practice.

What is CSAT?

Customer Satisfaction Score provides insight into how an organization performs on specific aspects of products or services. CSAT is used particularly in situations where the recommendation question (Net Promoter Score) is not logical or appropriate. For example, in evaluating medical care, or in evaluating government agencies, where there is no competition.

CSAT question

CSAT focuses on specific interactions such as the purchase of a product or delivery of a service rather than a more general question about the company. The central question posed is:

How would you rate your experience with product x or service y?

Calculate CSAT

The Customer Satisfaction Score asks customers to evaluate a product or service on a scale of 1 to 10. The average score is displayed as an absolute number. Because the score is displayed as a number between 1 and 10, CSAT is recognizable and easy to interpret. The higher the number the higher the customer satisfaction.

Cultural influences on the CSAT score

Keep in mind, however, that report grade methodologies are sensitive to cultural influences. In the Netherlands, for example, a 10-point scale is very common in education, while in the United Kingdom a 5-point scale is much more commonly used. Suppose the same CSAT score is displayed in both countries, then cultural background affects how a score is interpreted. People will have different ideas about which grades represent excellent, and which represent adequate. Keep this in mind when comparing results between different countries.

CSAT in practice

It only gets really interesting when you know all the things you can do with CSAT in daily practice. And how to link it to other KPIs such as NPS and CES so you know exactly what your customers need. The eBook “Customer Satisfaction Survey” contains many practical examples, tips and solutions that you can immediately apply within your organization.

white paper

Customer Satisfaction Survey

White paper: Customer Satisfaction Survey