Collecting customer feedback is an important step in the customer journey! You don’t have to be an expert to understand that a proper questionnaire is key to all customer research. The big question is: what is it that makes a questionnaire right? When does the questionnaire help in reaching your goals?

Proven methods

Only use research methods that are checked elaborately and are proven to be trustworthy. Work together with specialists who can help you connect the research to your wishes and demands and who can help you decide in what way and what order you should ask your questions. That way, you will gain a solid and reliable answer to your research question.

Collecting feedback is a specialized skill that differs from market research.

Usage of internal data

Use internal data to determine what you already know, so you ensure that there are no unnecessary questions asked. A simple example: if you are curious how customers experience your complaint handling, please check if the customer you invite indeed contacted your customer service department before you send the questionnaire. Some organizations don’t realize how much internal data they already have and how important it is to use this data to develop a truly valuable questionnaire.

Questionnaires with an attractive look and feel

With all the creative applications of the current world we are living in, the look and feel of questionnaires is important. You want to stimulate your respondents to answer your questionnaire, and an attractive appearance will certainly help. CYS enables the use of vibrant colours, your corporate identity and images that really fit your organization instead of a standard layout. This will stimulate the customer to provide feedback!

Keep it short and simple!

CYS uses short and powerful questionnaire with a maximum of 4 questions. A short questionnaire is also a huge point of attraction. As little hassle as possible, that is what makes customers happy. Don’t ask your customers too much and too frequently if you don’t want them to die from feedback fatigue.

Future proof and 100% responsive

At CYS, we signal an increase in the percentage of respondents that fill out the questionnaire on a mobile device. Use a questionnaire that is ready for the future and 100% responsive. Your questionnaire should be nice and easy to fill out, either on the tiniest smartphone or on a big screen or laptop. We always keep an eye on future trends and developments. So, let’s create a positive experience for your customer, have a high response to your research and create reliable research results through mobile devices, tablets as well as computers!

Get the right information to the right people at the right time

When it comes to using customer feedback, a CEO has different wishes than a business analyst, floor manager or individual employee. CYS makes sure every individual gets the exact information they need, so that feedback will be used in the most efficient way possible.

A step in your customer journey

It is a sign of respect to your customers to centre their experience. On top of that, it’s better for your company as well if the customer has a positive experience while filling out the questionnaire. In the end, customer feedback is just another (important) step in your customer journey. Furthermore, you want to stimulate customers to fill in the complete questionnaire and not close it down halfway through. Which is why you should make sure every single aspect of the questionnaire is customer oriented. It should be designed flawlessly, look nice, be fast and be fun and easy to fill out.

Curious what our vision on questionnaires looks like in practice? Request a demo questionnaire via our contact form below. If you want to know more about the power of customer experience, where and why your customers ‘drop out’ and how you could serve them better during their customer journey? In our free e-book ‘The Power of Experience Management’ we will show the importance of using targeted customer feedback.


The Power of Experience Management

eBook: The power of Experience Management