In the previous blogs we further examined Super promoters and what Super promoters yield. How does it help to focus on optimizing the customer service of your organization in general and thus improve the customer experience? You can read about this in blog number 5, in a series of 7 blogs on ‘Offering the best service’.

Increased turnover through focusing on customer experience

By focusing on delivering a service that exceeds your customers’ expectations, the number of customers enthusiastic about your company grows. They will in turn recommend your company to friends and family, resulting in more new customers. Enthusiastic customers also tend to spend more than less enthusiastic customers, resulting in increased turnover.

Let’s take a look and see what impact it will have if a customer does not experience the service expected from your company. The customer develops trust issues and will talk negatively to others about your company, maybe even posting a negative review online, which has consequences for your reputation (more about this in one of the following blogs). The result: less enthusiastic customers, fewer recommendations, and ultimately less growth. It is generally known that it is much more expensive to acquire new customers than to hold on to existing ones, especially if you have a bad reputation.

Reduced loss of customers by consulting with your customers

Suppose that 80% of your customers are satisfied and 20% are not. Of the 20%, only about 4% complain, the other 96% of customers leave without explanation. This costs money and the worst part is not knowing what to do to prevent this pattern, as you don’t know why these customers left for the competitor. By speaking to your customers, asking them whether they are satisfied or not, and optimizing your service on that basis, you can prevent customers from leaving without explanation. This has a positive effect on your churn and thus on your turnover.

The following calculation example from ‘Understanding Customers’, by Ruby Newell-Legner, shows how this can improve when you communicate with your customers.

Understanding Customers

The best service leads to lower (failure) costs

On the other hand, focusing on the best service also yields lots of savings. Think of lower (failure) costs for sales and customer service. In the end, the number of complaints and uncertainties decreases. And you have to spend less on marketing to attract or keep customers, which leads to lower acquisition costs.

Ten benefits of the best #service

Optimizing the service of your organization involves time and investment. But what are the benefits? Download the ‘Ten benefits of optimizing your #service’ and discover the advantages of improving the customer’s experience and optimizing the service of your organization.

white paper

Ten steps towards a customer centric organization

White paper: Ten steps towards a customer centric organization