Many customer support departments use IT Service Management systems to provide consistent, transparent and efficient service. However, few customer service departments realize that their services play a crucial role in the distinctiveness of the organization.

The distinctiveness of customer service is mainly determined by the extent to which they understand the customer and learn to respond better to shifting customer needs. Well-designed and directly analyzed customer feedback is the basis of this insight.

The standard feedback options offered by IT Service Management systems are insufficient for this. A link with the CYS feedback software gives the desired results!

The 5 practical steps with CYS

Step 1: Determine your objectives: not all information is management information

To generate insights that go beyond just an overarching score, you must think in advance along which axes you want to be able to analyze later. For example, if you want to be able to distinguish between different departments, individual employees and customer groups, it is important that this data is also available.

Step 2: Link the right data files: good management information often requires multiple sources

Once the objectives are clear, we look at whether and where the data that should make the analysis possible is available. Together we determine the most efficient way to link available data and thus form the basis for an analysis that is in line with the objectives.

Step 3: Ask the right questions: bad questions never lead to good information

Getting feedback isn’t particularly complicated. It is a lot more challenging to ask questions in such a way that you have direct, real-time insight into the performance of the support department, supplemented with underlying drivers and resulting points for attention. The 3-question methodology with root-cause analysis developed by CYS makes this possible. Technically we ensure that there is a link between the ITMS system and CYS, so that all closed and/or resolved tickets can be followed up with a request for feedback.

Step 4: Report with impact: numbers motivate less than emotion

By far the best moment of requesting feedback comes when the results become immediately visible in the online dashboards of CYS. Jointly determine which information is important for the department, management and individual employees. Then we discuss the visual design in the dashboards. If the organization prefers reports in a PowerPoint format, CYS can organize this without any problem. Of course, the reports are automatically generated and sent periodically, so you only have to worry about the results!

Step 5: Explain why, and explain again

As a final step, CYS helps you implement customer feedback in the organization. We explain to employees how the feedback is generated, how the question methodology works and how they can interpret and use the results in the dashboards (or reports) to improve themselves and the department step by step. If you would like to know more about this process, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss it with you and then immediately show you a short demo of the feedback screens and dashboards.

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