The Voice of the Customer; you can’t ignore it any longer! It’s not only about price or product anymore. The customer is more important than ever, just as his needs and wishes.

The customer wants to be heard, so as an organization it is a missed opportunity not to listen. But how do you do that, listen to the customer? How do you track customer experience to find out where you can improve customer satisfaction? In this series of blogs about the Voice of the Customer we give insights why this is so important.

What does the Voice of the Customer mean?

Voice of the Customer includes:

  • listen to the customer
  • focus on the customer
  • understand the expectations and needs of the customer
  • gain insights into customer experiences
  • anticipate to the wishes of the customer
  • improve customer experience, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

The Voice of the Customer is basically listening to your customer. By examining the overall customer experience in terms of expectations, preferences, and aversions, you learn to understand who your customers really are. To really get to know the customer, you must find out what the customer appreciates, what the customer misses and what the customer wants. You can gather this information from the customer journey, customer feedback and the recommendation score (NPS) etc. You find out what the customer really wants, but also where your organization can improve.

Listening to and getting insights from the Voice of the Customer

Take various measurements with tools like customer feedback monitor, Net Promoter Score or through customer satisfaction research to gain insights of customer satisfaction, customer enthusiasm and customer loyalty. To improve customer focus it’s valuable to continuously collect customer feedback at various touch points in different layers of your organization. It is even possible to measure at employee level on each department.

Measuring at different touchpoints is one thing, but how can you apply the results of these measurements? How can you process the measured data to improve the customer experience? In the following blogs we will go deeper into the importance of continuous measurements, the collection of customer data and the implementation of customer experience management in the organization. By monitoring customer feedback, analyzing this and adjusting processes into your organization, you can make your organization totally customer centric.

Why is the Voice of the Customer so important for your organization?

To introduce the Voice of the Customer to you, we’ll bring you a series of blogs. Why you want to use VOC, what you can measure with the Voice of the Customer, how you can measure customer data, what you can do with this information and how you can implement the VOC into your organization. Ultimately, the use of the Voice of the Customer will certainly contribute to a distinctive proposition compared to competitors. Score with customer satisfaction!

Continuous measuring and getting insights of the Voice of the Customer contributes to a customer centric organization, an improvement in customer satisfaction, a higher customer loyalty, a great recommendation score (NPS) and so on. To get to know the customers is extremely interesting and can be a true inspiration for the entire organization. Are you willing to get to know your customers and listen to their voices?

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Ten steps towards a customer centric organization

White paper: Ten steps towards a customer centric organization