This session is intended to bring together CX professionals and share insights on measuring and improving the customer experience. We are confident that you will get a lot out of the presentations and the opportunity to network with other experts in this field.


  • Date: Thursday May 16 2024
  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours
  • Location: Breda

Who is this session interesting for?

For professionals who are responsible for customer experience and want to gain (even) more insight into improving customer experience.

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Bjorn van Raaij
Customer Success Manager

Bjorn van Raaij

This inspiring and interactive lunch session will be led by Bjorn van Raaij, Customer Success Manager of CYS.
Lunch session

XM from measuring to improving

  • Date: Thursday 16 May 2024
  • Time: 11:30 am
  • Duration: Appx. 2 hours
  • Location: Breda