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Employees are the success behind your company

Koen Muijs, CX Manager CYS

Employee satisfaction research

With CYS’ employee research you can easily and continuously improve the enthusiasm of your employees. The research contributes to the correct culture for your company to be truly customer friendly. Service and customer friendliness are about your customers, however all research shows that it is your employees who are the biggest motivators for customer satisfaction. Without enthusiastic and engaged employees you won’t have any enthusiastic clients.

Employee satisfaction research

Short cyclic feedback
Due to our short and powerful 4 question method with the Root Cause Analysis, you can quickly find out what is going on with your employees. You can report up to 64 categories and directly get insights in to the priorities. This information can be directly and/or periodically sent to HR and different stakeholders or departments. The open answers allow for the employee to tell their story behind their given score. After all, a story says so much more than a simple score and allows you to properly act on it.

eNPS: Measure how involved your employees are
Using eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) you can measure how engaged your employees are based on the similar NPS recommendation question for customers, so to what extent your employees would recommend your business to friends or acquaintances. This way you can find out how enthusiastic specific groups, or even individual employees, are about your company. Using our system, you can constantly measure the eNPS and start seeing trends, rather than just measuring a score. This allows you to see whether your follow-up actions have indeed had an effect on the enthusiasm of your employees. 

360 degrees employee feedback 
Employee feedback will only really start to take effect in your company if you closely involve your employees. With our 360 employee feedback tool, employees can give each other structural compliments and feedback via a mobile app. This way you are giving the internal communication a boost and employees can learn from each other. Compliments help motivate and increase enthusiasm, while feedback gives them room to improve without obligation.

Would your organization like to know what is going on with the employees and increase their loyalty? Contact us for a demo and to discuss the possibilities.



  • Detailed and periodic insight in to your employees’ experience (incl. Priority matrix for follow-up actions and improvements)
  • eNPS: Constantly measure to what extent your employees would recommend your company to others
  • Allow workers to learn from each other and motivate each other by periodically exchanging feedback

Enthusiastic clients due to involved employees.

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