Customer satisfaction research is a must for market driven companies that are prepared to listen to their customers. However, if you really want to make a difference then simply knowing the extent of your customer’s satisfaction is not enough. What really matters is what you do with this information and how you will improve your customer satisfaction.

Benefits CYS software 

  • We have done the preparation, you can start immediately
  • Short questionnaire with unique Root Cause analysis method
  • Extra insights by linking feedback to CRM and existing customer data
  • Points of improvement on a silver platter with the priority matrix
  • High efficiency thanks to personalized dashboards
  • Activate the organization with real time infographics

In a nutshell

CYS has a unique approach towards market research. With a short and attractive questionnaire, we can asses and report back on no less than 64 different categories. This allows your organization to obtain the necessary information without bugging the customers with long and complicated questionnaires.

By linking the obtained insights to your existing customer data our method allows for complete different insights which are not present in more ‘traditional’ customer satisfaction research.

As a result of personal dashboards and infographics, everybody will understand how they can contribute to increasing customer satisfaction within their responsibilities. These insights are easily accessible via an app (IOS/Android) and focus on the priorities of what is most important for the company. 

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sentiment_satisfied_alt Features

CYS contains useful features that will help you activate your organization in order to increase customer satisfaction together.

Creating your own questionnaire is very easy with the intuitive questionnaire builder. 

Personalize your questionnaire or embed a previously given answer by the respondent.

Questionnaire personalization

Give your questionnaire your own look & feel by adding your own corporate identity.

Custom branding

Create an email invitation that reflects your brand to invite respondents to fill in your questionnaire. Or easily download a QR code or link. 

Personal e-mail invite

Customize results for individuals or departments with personalized dashboards, accessible online or in the mobile app.

Customizable dashboards

Make results visually attractive by using infographics that respond to your data in real time. Choose from a wide range available.

Real time infographics

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favorite Start Trial subject Download whitepaper