Efficiency improvement research process SpringX ensures more turnover and focus

The challenge

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SpringX helps organizations grow by optimizing the experience of employees and customers and making internal and external relationships positive. They do this by creating insight into customer experience, employee experience and happiness at work. This is the basis for organizational changes. SpringX developed a happiness at work model based on 20+ years of experience and scientific publications and was looking for reliable research software to apply this research model.

The solution

In the research platform of CYS, SpringX can easily apply its own research model, without having to invest in custom software. Flexibility is the starting point of the research platform, allowing SpringX to use both its own model and proven CYS methodologies.

Secure environment per customer

Each customer has its own secure environment that SpringX can set up according to the wishes of the customer. The happiness at work survey can be personalized per customer: from invitations and questionnaires in your own house style, dashboards per department to automated reports for management and board.

With powerful priority matrices, SpringX gains insight into the motivations of employees, risks and opportunities per customer. In addition, SpringX has the freedom to create Role Based Push Reports in PowerPoint, dashboards and infographics that fully match their research model, approach and house style.

Technical knowledge partner

CYS ensures that SpringX gets the most out of the platform, while SpringX can fully focus on improving happiness at work for customers. CYS. takes work out of your hands.