eBook: The Power of Experience Management

The Power of Experience Management

For whom is this ebook interesting?

For professionals who are concerned with customer satisfaction and customer focus and who want to gain more insight into Experience Management and its measurement and improvement.

What will you read in this ebook?

In this ebook, we discuss a number of key developments that impact the ever-changing customer needs. We take a closer look at why Experience Management (XM) is so important. We also give many tips on how you can get started with XM in practice to make your organization even more customer-oriented and to continue to grow.


  • Introduction
  • The world is changing
  • Increasing customer expectations
  • A successful Experience Management strategy
  • The added value of Experience Management

The Power of Experience Management

Due to various important developments in the market, ‘Customer Experience Management (CEM)’ is no longer sufficient to stand out as a brand and organization. ‘Experience Management’, on the other hand, looks at customer orientation and what this yields from 3 pillars: listen not only to the customer, but also to the employees and the company as a whole.

eBook: The power of Experience Management