White paper: Customer Satisfaction Survey
White paper

Customer Satisfaction Survey

For whom is this white paper interesting?

For professionals who are responsible for customer satisfaction and who want to start with customer satisfaction research. Or professionals who already use CSAT and want to take the step from measuring to improving.

What do you read in the white paper?

  • What CSAT means.
  • What is the difference between these and other methods, such as NPS and CES.
  • How to use the CYS questionnaire to meaningfully measure customer satisfaction.
  • How to take the step from measuring to improving customer satisfaction.
white paper

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The voice of the customer is more important than ever. Customer satisfaction research is therefore indispensable in customer-oriented companies. You don’t make the difference by doing research, but by the way you do research, and what you do with those insights. The CYS customer satisfaction survey can help with this. In this white paper you can read everything about CSAT and how you can apply it.

White paper: Customer Satisfaction Survey